Alejandro Brittes

In an engaging show, Alejandro Brittes presents a sophisticated repertoire of Chamamés and classics of the genre such as Km 11 and Merceditas − considered anthems. Brittes transports the audience into a contagious interaction, which only Chamamé can provide.

A sensitive and at the same time intense show where Ale Brittes with an ensemble composed of André Ely on seven-string guitar and Carlos de Césaro on double bass make the audience travel through bold melodies, it is a show to connect with the ancestral roots of Chamamé.

Alejandro Brittes with his group has performed on several important stages, such as: Library Of Congres|USA, Georgetown University|USA, Hamilton College|USA, Next Stage|USA, Itinerari Folk Trento|Itália, Plzeň kd Peklo|CZ, Fiesta Nacional del Chamamé| AR, Praça Victor Cívita|SP e Auditório Rubem Gil de Camilo|MS. 

Alejandro Brittes and Baroque Orchestra

After a long journey of research on Chamamé in which I discovered unimaginable facets of rhythm, the project took shape and was recorded on an album called (L)ESTE. In the searches I discovered that Chamamé has two great matrices in its genesis, on the one hand, the musical ritual of the Guarani and on the other the ancient baroque music introduced in the Jesuit Reductions, in the old 30 missionary peoples of the lowlands of Latin America. Such a musical encounter, years later, through the collective memory of what was apprehended in the reductions, plus the ritualistic worldview of the Guaranis and the ethical influence of European immigration in the 18th century, the Chamamé as we know it today was forged.

The project is a journey to the past and the future, a crossover between Chamamé in all its metaphysical essence with ancient baroque music, through the arrangements of the great maestro Fernando Cordella, one of the main harpsichordists and baroque conductors of today, and the chamamés composed by me .

The proposed crossover goes one step further, in addition to the songs and their arrangements, the concert institutes in the instrumental composition the typical instruments of the Baroque period such as: Viola da gamba, baroque violin, cello, oboe and harpsichord in dialogue with the accordion, seven-piece guitar strings, bass and percussion.

My intention with this project is to give the public a new facet to Chamamé, which at the same time is rescue, and to present my most recent creations, where I put all my popular and erudite baggage.

Alejandro Brittes with the Orquestra Barroca performed in:: Festival Internacional de Música SESC|RS, Theatro São Pedro|RS, Ruínas de São Miguel das Missões|RS, Igreja Matriz de Nova Prata|RS.

Alejandro Brittes & Baroque Orchestra, Theatro Guarany (Pelotas,RS, Brazil).

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